Supreme Worthy President
(Mrs. Jon) Melissa Spann
Waco No. 199 TX
Dallas No. 63, TX


Ms. Tara B. Shulas was installed as Supreme Worthy President of the Social Order of the Beauceant on
September 29, 2023, at the close of the 102nd Supreme Assembly held in Waco, Texas. She has the honor
to visit each Chartered Assembly during her term and will preside at the 103rd Supreme Assembly
September 23 – 27, 2024 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Ms. Shulas and her brothers, Mike and Kevin, were raised in West Point, Ohio in an ac􀆟ve Masonic
family. She is a Past Honored Queen of Bethel #61, Job’s Daughters, and a member of the Order of the
Eastern Star. In September 2003, Supreme Assembly voted to admit sisters, mothers and daughters of
Knight Templars in addi􀆟on to wives and widows. This allowed Ms. Shulas the opportunity to join the Social
Order of the Beauceant under her father, Sir Knight John T. Shulas. This year she will celebrate being a
twenty‐year member of East Liverpool Assembly #71, Ohio. Ms. Shulas is a third‐genera􀆟on past president
of Assembly #71, her grandmother, (Mrs. Jack L.) Brige􀆩a Pozenel served in 1990, her mother, (Mrs. John
T.) Sandra Shulas served in 2000 and she served her first of four terms in 2010. Before being elected into
the supreme line, she served the Supreme Assembly on the Mileage Commi􀆩ee in 2014, Supreme Color
Bearer in 2017, Chairman of the Courtesy Commi􀆩ee in 2018, and Supreme Chaplain in 2019.
Ms. Shulas received a bachelor’s degree in business administra􀆟on from Waynesburg College in
Pennsylvania. Then began her career in Florida where she earned the dis􀆟nguished 􀆟tle of Cer􀆟fied Public
Accountant. To be closer to family, she moved back to Ohio where she earned a Master of Taxa􀆟on degree
from the University of Akron. Ms. Shulas is a Tax Director in a regional accoun􀆟ng firm in Akron.
Ms. Shulas’ mo􀆩o is “Walk the walk of a Beauceant Sister” and encourages each sister to
remember why they joined the Order, do their best and enjoy the moment. During her travels this year,
she is looking forward to laughing with old and new friends while emphasizing the main charity of the
Beauceant, The Knights Templar Eye Founda􀆟on.