Supreme Assembly
Social Order of the Beauceant


April 20, 2022 – Las Vegas Assembly No. 207, NV
Members with Mrs. Charles M. Thames, SWP; Mrs. Lynn Berzins, Worthy President; and Mrs. John C. Forrest, PSWP

April 6, 2022 – El Paso Assembly No. 141, TX
 (Mrs. Charles M.) Susan Thames, SWP; (Mrs. Alfredo Gonzalez) Ana Antnez, Worthy President and members welcome three new members: Mrs. Cherryl Wright-Yates, Ms. Jeanie M. Wright-Yates and Ms. Jeanina Morgan.

April 4, 2022 – Phoenix Assembly No. 213, AZ
(Mrs. Charles M) Susan Thames, SWP; Worthy President, (Mrs. John C.) Lei Lani Forrest and PSWP, (Mrs. David) Wynn R. Evans, Supreme Worthy Preceptress; Ms. Kyra Riffle, new member;; (Mrs. Michael) Sandy Stegan, Supreme KTEF Committee, Chair; (Mrs. James) Diane Hoover, Supreme Paraphernalia Committee; Ms. Modena Watson, Supreme Paraphernalia Committee; (Mrs. Gary) Rodena Josey, Supreme Paraphernalia Committee along with members of Phoenix Commandery, No. 3

April 2, 2022 – Farmington Assembly, No. 141, NM
Members of Farmington and Denver Assembly, No 1, CO include (Mrs. Joe) Debbie Kier, Supreme Historian; Mrs. Charles M. Thames, SWP and (Mrs. Juan) Eleanor Gurule, Worthy President

March 26, 2022 – Denver Assembly No. 1, CO
(Mrs. Charles M.) Susan Thames, SWP and SK Steve Davis REGC, KT, CO with Officers and members of Denver Assembly, No. 1 including (Mrs. Joe) Debrah Kier, Supreme Historian;
new initiates: Ms. Falon Ulibarri and (Mrs. Alfred) Christine Ulibarri; (Mrs. Ron) Elaine Birely, Worthy President and, (Mrs. Lyle) Mary Wilkes, Supreme Courtesy Committee, Chair.
Arch of Steel formed by: SK Ron Birely – Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander; SK Joe Kier – Eminent Grand Prelate; SK Al Ulibarri – Grand Sword Bearer; SK Grover Sardeson,
Eminent Grand Recorder; SK John Zeaphey, REPGC and other Sir Knights of Denver Commandery.

March 6, 2022 – Topeka Assembly, No. 24, KS
(Mrs. Gary) Debhra Jean Haas, Worthy President; (Mrs. Daniel) Erin Marr, Supreme Marshal; (Mrs. Jack C) Eunice Gravatt, Supreme Treasurer Emeritus and other members

March 4, 2022 – Wichita Assembly, No. 8, KS
(Mrs. Clarence) Pamela Arens, Worthy President; (Mrs. Richard D) Carlene Brown, Supreme Recorder Emeritus; (Mrs. Roger) Jean Walls, First Lady of Chivalric Masonry, KS and other members

March 3, 2022 – Stillwater Assembly, No. 124, OK
(Mrs. David) Lila Berry, Worthy President/Supreme Courtesy Committee; (Mrs. T. Michael) Debhra Fegan, PSWP; and (Mrs. Richard D.) Carlene Brown, Supreme Recorder Emeritus and other members

February 28, 2022 – Springfield Assembly No. 92, MO
(Mrs. Gerald) Kelly Hill, Worthy President and other members

February 21, 2022 – Texarkana Assembly, No. 196, TX
Ms. Maggie Morgan, Worthy President/Supreme Courtesy Committee and other members

February 18, 2022 Hot Springs, No 251, Arkansas
Worthy President, Ms. Brenda Wingard with members of Hot Springs, No 251, Arkansas where a Round Table discussion took place at their Official Visit.

February 12, 2022 Melrose 204, Texas
(Mrs. Randall) Debra Werner, Worthy President; (Mrs. John A.) Velma Kleinfelder, Past Supreme Worthy President; (Mrs. Darryl R.) Michele Burt, Supreme Recorder Emeritus; (Mrs. Carl W.) Yvonne Wunsche, Supreme Most Worthy Oracle; and (Mrs. Jon S.) Melissa Spann, Supreme Worthy First Vice President

Waco Assembly No. 199 February 9, 2022
(Left to Right):  Mrs. Thomas Derby, PSWP.  Mrs. Jon Spann, Supreme First Vice President.  Mrs. Carl Wunsche, Supreme Most Worthy Oracle.  Mrs. Charles Thames, Supreme Worthy President.  Mrs. Gary Rock, Worthy President.  Mrs. Reggie Parmer, New Member.

February 7, 2022 San Antonio No 159/Austin No 125
Joint meeting with San Antonio Assembly, No 159 with (Mrs. Robert) Betty Cockrell, Worthy President; (Mrs. John A.) Mary Brogan, Past Supreme Worthy President, and their new sisters, (Mrs. Jason) Demeiza Richenberg and (Mrs. David) Elizabeth Dixon along with Austin Assembly, No 125 with (Mrs. David) Lecia Caudle, Worthy President and joined by (Mrs. Jon S.) Melissa Spann, Supreme Worthy First Vice President

February 1, 2022 Arlington No 189/Dallas No 63, Texas
Joint meetings of Arlington Assembly, No 189 with (Mrs. David) Jill Keefer, Worthy President, and (Mrs. Bud) Tammy Forrester, Worthy President of Dallas Assembly, No 63, Texas with (Mrs. Carl W.) Wunsche, Supreme Most Worthy Oracle; (Mrs. Jon S.) Melissa Spann, Supreme Worthy First Vice President and (Mrs. Robert) Debi Gannaway, Supreme Registration Committee

January 31, 2022 Park Place No. 205, TX
Ms. Frances Spirkoff, Worthy President; (Mrs. Richard B.) Jeanette Cotton, Past Supreme Worthy President; (Mrs. Carl W.) Yvonne Wunsche, Supreme Most Worthy Oracle; (Mrs. Jon S.) Melissa Spann, Supreme Worthy First Vice President; (Mrs. Kenneth R.) Fisher, Advisory Chairman Knights Templar Eye Foundation

January 29, 2022 Port Arthur No. 160, Texas
(Mrs. James) Charlene Stringer, Worthy President; (Mrs. Richard) Jeanette Cotton, Past Supreme Worthy President; and (Mrs. Carl W) Yvonne Wunsche, Supreme Most Worthy Oracle.

January 24, 2022 – Mobile Assembly No. 237, AL Roundtable Meeting
(Mrs. Brent R.) Lonnie Haller, Worthy President; (Mrs. Charles) Edna Sipes, Supreme Outer Guard

November 21, 2021 – Kingsport Assembly, No. 244
President, Mrs. Larry Mick; mock Candidate, Mrs. Jerold P. Johnson; Supreme Worthy President, Mrs. Charles M. Thames
PSWPs, Mrs. Joseph L. Bongiovi and Ms Kimberly Barnett; Supreme Officers, Mrs. L. Bruce Austin, Mrs. Gary W. Coates, Mrs. Charles T. Doyal and Mrs. Michael St. John

November 18, 2021 Fredericksburg No. 266, VA
Mrs. Rudolph Griffith, President and Supreme Mileage Committee-Chairman; Mrs. Joseph Bongiovi, PSWP; Mrs. Charles Doyal, Supreme Assistant Marshal; Mrs. Michael St. John, Supreme Inner Guard; and Mrs. Gary W. Coates, Supreme Color Bearer

November 16, 2021 Indianapolis Assembly No. 90, IN
Mrs. Phil Whisner, President; Mrs. W. Joe Ryland, PSWP; Ms. Jennifer Herring, Supreme Mistress of the Wardrobe